Top 10 TikTok Challenges That Are Taking Over

James Dooley

Top 10 TikTok Challenges That Are Taking Over

Snaptik – TikTok is a social media platform that enables users to make short videos with interesting and entertaining content. You can imitate the top 10 TikTok challenges that are taking over to gain many viewers. What are TikTok’s challenges?

What Are TikTok Challenges?

The new users exploring TikTok will have some videos with the same content. The similarity of the contents can be dance and challenges that are taking over. It is called TikTok challenges. TikTok challenges are a campaign or trend inviting others to create their videos based on the seen challenges. You can create your TikTok challenges with typical features. Some TikTok challenges show off the skills, using products, using filters, dancing, or lip sync songs. What’s Trending on TikTok right now? Try to follow it. You can make TikTok challenges with the use of a hashtag brand. It is crucial as a sign of a viral challenge.

The Ideas of TikTok Contents

There will be some ideas for making TikTok content. Those are so interesting and challenging. What are they?

  1. TikTok Challenges

The challenge is so popular on TikTok. You can make creative and interesting challenges and invite the users to get in. Some famous challenges on TikTok are the FlipSwitch Challenge, Don Rush Challenge, etc.

  1. Tutorial Video
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You can make some tutorial videos with some themes like cooking, art, and beauty. Make sure that your tutorial videos are informative and easy to do.

  1. Short Comedy Video

TikTok is a very popular platform for short comedy content. You can make a funny sketch or parody video to entertain your followers.

  1. Daily Vlogs

If you have an interesting life, you can make a daily vlog about your daily activities. You can also share tips, tricks, and experiences in your daily vlog.

Tips to Make Suitable Contents for Tiktok Challenges

TikTok has many challenges that are always changing every time. There will be tips to do TikTok challenges.

  1. Using and Following Viral Hashtag

Top 10 TikTok challenges that are taking over can inspire you to make interesting videos. Like Instagram and Twitter, TikTok requires a hashtag to promote the challenge that you make. By using and following a popular hashtag, your content will appear on the search column. You can find out easily.

  1. Making and Uploading Contents Consistently

It is crucial to make and upload content consistently to get more attention. In that way, you can build a loyal audience and increase your content’s chance to be viral.

  1. Doing Some Types and Styles of Contents

You can try some types and styles of content like sketch videos, product tutorial challenges, or dance challenges. With more content variants, you can attract more kinds of audiences and increase the chance of your content going viral.

  1. Creating Your Challenge
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Besides following a popular trend, you can also create your own challenge. It can increase the users’ interaction and make your content more interesting.

Top 10 TikTok Challenges That Are Taking Over

Before you choose the right challenge, you have a TikTok account to make the others find your videos easily. Here are the top 10 TikTok challenges that are taking over.

Yummy Challenge

Yummy Challenge is a viral challenge that was created by adopting Justin Bieber’s song. The movements are so fun and easy to imitate. You can do it alone or with friends. The movements on Yummy Challenge are flexible and funny to see. The kids are imitating it. Try to do it now.

Oh Nanana Challenge

Oh, the Nanana challenge is a pairing challenge that looks difficult. However, you can do it now. You can do it alone without the pair. The movements challenge the players to move and do their legs back and front. It looks so complicated. If you are successfully doing it, it looks cool.

Handswitch Challenge

It is a kind of difficult challenge because it has tricks and speed to show off. You imitate like a juggler. However, you do not get worried because it can attract more viewers. The challenges need to be practiced first.

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Any Song Challenge

The movements from Any Song Challenge is a dance movement that is popularized by Zicco, a South Korean rapper. The movement is simple and easy to do. It looks complex because sometimes it looks slow and fast. However, it is still fun to do.

Hit Every Beat Challenge

Hit Every Beat Challenge is a difficult TikTok challenge in which you require speed and accuracy to do it. You require practice and focus to do it. Though it looks simple, it is enough to do. You must train it to look natural.

The Weekend Challenge

This challenge uses The Weekend song collaborating with Calvin Haris. The movement challenge is simple and needs more concentration. It requires memory and body flexibility to make the movements natural.

Lalala Challenge

The Lalala challenge is a popular TikTok movement. This challenge invites you to do some emoticon shapes with the ordering hands. It has a music background of Danila Carvalho.

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Around the World Challenge

This challenge requires a stair background. To do this challenge, you must do it together with the same movements in different directions. The challenge’s movement is making a long line with opposite sides.

Chicken Noodle Soup Challenge

It is a popular challenge to flap wings using elbows and legs. It looks easy to do, but for some people, it is difficult to do.

123 Cheese Challenge

This challenge is easy and fun to do. You can use it together by putting the handphone in one place and running back. You can do it easily and imitate the top 10 TikTok challenges that are taking over.

You can download some examples of TikTok challenges on TikTok. Try to download it from It is a downloader platform for TikTok videos.


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